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Founded as a not for profit corporation in 1974, Southwestern Montessori Training Center has trained over 1000 students to be exceptional Montessori educators. As one of the few MACTE certified Mobile training courses, Southwestern Montessori Mobile Training courses offer rigorous and in-depth Montessori Teacher training at both the Early Childhood and Elementary levels at locations throughout the U.S. Our Mobile Courses can be located at any well equipped Montessori school or institution, allowing students to receive training and become certified Montessori teachers without having to leave their community to do so.

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Before taking my Elementary Montessori Training with Southwestern, I thought math was very difficult to learn and that I would never be very good at math. During the training I discovered that not only was math fun, I was good at math! No one had ever explained math the way my SMTC trainers did and I thank them from the bottom of my heart!